Connectors, templates and tutorials for Data Studio

Google Data Studio is the perfect hub for small businesses to bring their data together. That's why we built a suite of connectors and templates helping you do just that for Mailchimp, Plausible Analytics, and more coming soon.

Data Studio Report Templates

We are big believers in Google Data Studio as a simple place for small businesses to consolidate all of their data from different sources. But building in Google Data Studio takes time to learn - so we built report templates that can save you time and money. Find all of our templates for Data Studio here.

The Publisher's Dashboard

A Google Data Studio report template specifically designed for small publishers with limited time, who need a ready source of data that speaks for itself. Quickly get insights like view trends, popular times of day, best-performing content for getting new readers and engaging returning readers, email campaign performance, and more. Oh and the best part, it's free.

New vs. Returning Readers

See what content is driving new and returning readers to your website

Best Performing Content

Analyze your top performing content by source and referrals

Email Campaign Performance

With our Data Studio connector for Mailchimp, you can also see the performance of your email marketing campaigns

Ultimate Mailchimp + Google Analytics Template for Data Studio

With this free Google Data Studio template, you can quickly answer questions like: 'Which subject lines get my reader’s attention?', 'What days of the week are the best to reach my subscribers?' and 'How much traffic from my website comes from my newsletter subscribers?' Our ready-made Data Studio template pulls together Mailchimp and Google Analytics into one easy to understand dashboard.

Mailchimp List Growth

See subscriber growth over time

Mailchimp Campaign Insights

Compare campaign performance by time sent, subject line and more

Traffic from Email Newsletter

See the breakdown of Google Analytics traffic coming from your Mailchimp email newsletters

Data Studio Connectors

Extend Google Data Studio with our custom connectors. Turn Data Studio into a hub for your small business, where you can bring all of the data that you need to make better decisions to one place. With our connectors, you can aggregate data from multiple accounts as well as different platforms. All of this at a price that is more affordable than other Data Studio connectors. Currently, we have connectors for Mailchimp and Plausible Analytics, but we are planning more that are coming soon.

Mailchimp Data Studio Connector

We created our custom Mailchimp connector for Google Data Studio so you can combine your Mailchimp data with no coding or maintenance. On top of that, you can use Data Studio's powerful visualization features to create custom reports that keep you on top of the most important insights about your readers

All the Mailchimp Data You Need

Basic plan for the connector includes Campaigns, Lists, Automations. While with a Pro plan gives you access to: Link Clicks, Members, Campaign Timeseries data.

Link Multiple Mailchimp Accounts

Link and consolidate data from multiple Mailchimp accounts. (including agency accounts)

Plausible Analytics Data Studio Connector

We are big fans of privacy focused Plausible Analytics, so much so that we built the first connector to bring their data into Data Studio. Run custom reports that you can't from your Plausible Analytics dashboard and combine Plausible Analytics data with other sources - all from Data Studio.

Custom Reports for Plausible

Aggregate data from all of your Plausible sites into Google Data Studio and build custom reports

Self-Hosted or Sites

The connector works for open-source, self-hosted Plausible instances as well as paid instances hosted at

Tutorials and Other Data Studio Resources

Explore everything on our blog that we have written about Google Data Studio. Here you will find step-by-step guides and tutorials for both novice and expert Google Data Studio users. Some Data Studio topics you will find are: rundowns of best templates, guides on building templates, and how to get the most out of our connectors.

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