About Epilocal

Epilocal builds technology products that allow small businesses to simplify their content analytics and scale their content operations.

  • We have built connectors for Data Studio that allow small businesses to centralize their analytics there, while we also do custom integration/data warehousing projects on request
  • Our Automation Hub and Google Docs integration for the Ghost content management system (CMS) allow its users to streamline their content operations

We also offer all of our tools along with hosting at a discounted price to local news publishers as part of our NewsCloud program.


No Lock-in

We encourage businesses to use open-source platforms like Ghost and Plausible Analytics that allow you to take your data with you. Our tools are some of the first in the marketplace that integrate with these platforms.

Small Town Service

We will only accept your money if you are satisfied. Maybe it's an old-fashioned way of doing business, but we think it's the only way. We have never refused a refund request for any reason and we are responsive to feature requests and support issues.


We are upfront about the business and what it stands for and we try to share as much detail as possible. On our Open Company page, you can see our latest Open Metrics and read behind-the-scenes blog posts about building Epilocal.


Hi, I'm Greg.

I'm the founder and currently the only employee of Epilocal. I'm from a small town in America that like many rural areas around the world, feels left behind by today's society. I want to see small communities like mine get back on their feet with independent businesses and local news that keep jobs in the area and bring pride and connection back to the people living there.

Epilocal is my attempt to use the skills that I learned working for years in finance, startups and technology to build online tools that can help make this happen. My tools can help businesses of all sizes, but they are built with small and local in mind.

Epilocal is still a small project, but I have decided to document some of the challenges and decisions I make along the way in the Open Blog.

You can also follow my journey building Epilocal on Twitter.

Greg Dickens


Greg Dickens