About Us


Epilocal was founded on the big idea of levelling the online playing field for community-minded publishers. We want to make the best digital tools available to even the smallest, independent publications to help them create sustainable businesses.

We believe in open platforms that don't lock people in and open-source where feasible. We admire the mission of open, sustainably funded organizations like ghost.org and WordPress and aim not to create platforms that will duplicate or disrupt, but to compliment and support the ecosystem that small and independent publishers count on.

How our social business model works

Sales from our SaaS products subsidize our solutions for local news and are re-invested in product development

Epilocal is a social business


We build affordable technology solutions for local news...

...and sell parts of that solution as SaaS tools for everyone

Greg Dickens

Hi, I'm Greg.

I'm a technologist and a former banker who is passionate about building technology that will make our lives better.

I started Epilocal as a way to take my skills in business and technology to help community entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses that improve society - things like local news, education programs and anything else that brings people together.

For now, this is a solo-project but over time I hope to grow it into a bootstrapped, socially-minded business.