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Mailchimp Looker Studio Connector

All the Mailchimp fields you need, yet simple to use


Emails sent, click rate and open rate by automation


Emails sent, bounced, delivered, click rate, open rate and unsubscribes by campaign


List subscriber growth and unsubscribes over time, open rate and click rate by list


Hour-by-hour breakdown of campaign performance including emails sent, opens and clicks

Link Clicks

Unique and total clicks for links used in campaigns


Individual member details including member rating, avg. open rate and avg. click rate

65 dimensions

57 metrics

See All 122 Fields

Build a Mailchimp performance report in minutes

Visualize your email funnel

Summarize your Mailchimp email campaign data by building a funnel report in Looker Studio. Looking at total emails sent, open rates, click rates, bounces and unsubcribes will give you a quick view of the overall performance of all of your email campaigns at once.

Mailchimp email funnel chart

See your lists growing

Look at your list growth over time by creating Looker Studio charts that show monthly subscriber counts for all of your different lists. You can also track unsubscribed counts as well as cleaned and deleted.

Mailchimp list growth

Compare individual campaigns

Get a detailed, side-by-side look of all of your campaigns together in a Looker Studio table so you can easily see what types of emails and subject lines are getting the best results in terms of opens, clicks and other metrics.

Mailchimp campaign details

Dig deep with custom analysis

Identify trends in your Mailchimp campaigns data by creating custom charts in Looker Studio that look at correlations like open rate by day of week.

Mailchimp campaign details

Easily share your report

Share your Mailchimp performance report with all of the built-in features that come with Looker Studio. Limit access to certain people, share with a link, send email notifications or make everything public.

Easily share report

What people are saying about Epilocal

G2 Review by Brian K.
Brian K.

Brian K.

No fuss product with great customer service

Does what it says on the tin! Very easy to set up and get working, super helpful support when you need it. Made it super easy to turn Plausible into a real replacement for Universal Analytics.

G2 Review by Stjepan D.
Stjepan D.

Stjepan D.

Great tool for Looker Studio reports

I'm using Epliocal's Looker Studio connector for Plausible Analytics. It's easy to use, easy to set up, quick, and efficient. I must give kudos to customer support. It's been great in response time, troubleshooting, and advice. If you're using Plausible Analytics, this connector will help you make great reports in a matter of minutes with their basic template.

G2 Review by Alex T.
Alex T.

Alex T.

Great Plausible to Looker Studio Connector

Extremely easy to set-up and use to connect Plausible data to our looker studio reports. We manage multiple sites and it's always managed the data very well. Also very responsive customer support.

4.7 out of 5 stars on G2

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