Build custom Stripe dashboards in no time and with no code

Our connector brings the power of Looker Studio to your Stripe data. No code required and up to 50% cheaper than other connectors

Stripe Data Studio Connector

Supercharge your Stripe reporting with the power of Google Data Studio

Run custom reports and blend Stripe data together with other data sources

With our Data Studio connector, you get more flexibility over how you can use your Stripe data, with all the report building options that Data Studio has to offer

Stripe Dashboard

All the essential Stripe data fields

With all of our plans, you get Stripe transaction, charge, customer and subscription data into Data Studio in minutes

See all Stripe data fields 
Stripe data type

Link multiple Stripe accounts

With our Pro plan, you can link up to 5 different Stripe accounts. Or contact us for access to our Agency plan where you can link as many Stripe accounts as you want

Link multiple Stripe accounts

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Adding Stripe connector as data source

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Connect 1 Stripe account to Data Studio


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Connect up to 5 Stripe accounts to Data Studio



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Connect an unlimited number of Stripe accounts to Data Studio

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