Content SEO Audit Template with Plausible Analytics

Conduct an SEO Audit of your content using data from Plausible Analytics, Google Search Console and Ahrefs in Looker Studio

Content SEO Audit Template Overview

With our Content SEO Audit Looker Studio Template for Plausible Analytics, you can analyze all of your website’s content to see which pages are most valuable from an SEO perspective. Using this free 1-page report, you can have all of the data you need in order to make decisions about:

  • Which pages to optimize
  • What content to re-purpose
  • Which pages should be promoted further
  • What pages should be removed altogether

The Content SEO Audit report has one big matrix table at the center of it:

Plausible Analytics Looker Studio Funnel Report Template

The first three columns of the matrix show how much traffic each of your website’s pages receive. The next four columns show how much each page drives engagement using metrics like Conversions, Bounce Rate and Visit Duration. The next three columns show how well your pages rank and what their search volume is. And finally, in the last column you will see how many backlinks each page has.

Using these different factors, you can then make decisions about what you should do with each piece of content.

You can find more details in our step-by-guide called Conduct a Content SEO Audit for Free.

Data Sources

This Content SEO Audit template for Looker Studio uses our Plausible Analytics data connector. We have detailed documentation to help you get started.

How to Use this Content SEO Audit Template for Looker Studio

Explore the Content SEO Audit Template in Looker Studio

Clicking the link above will take you directly to Looker Studio where you can explore the Content SEO Audit Template for Plausible Analytics template further in Looker Studio. (previously known as Google Data Studio)

Content SEO Audit Template with Plausible Analytics