Getting Started with the Mailchimp Data Studio Connector

Setting up the Mailchimp Data Studio Connector is simple and should take only a couple of minutes. First, you will need to create an Epilocal account so you can link your Mailchimp account to the platform. After that, you will be able to access your Mailchimp account data in Data Studio.

Linking your Mailchimp account to Epilocal

1.) If you do not already have an Epilocal account, create your account and start a free trial here.

Epilocal free trial signup

2.) Once you’ve created your Epilocal account, you will see your dashboard that gives you an overview of the steps required to get started.

Epilocal get started

3.) The first step is to link your Mailchimp account. You can do this by clicking on the link under ‘Getting Started’ or on the sidebar under ‘Data Sources’ > ‘Linked Accounts’. There you will see an empty list and you will click the button ‘Link Account’.

Epilocal linked accounts

4.) When you click on the ‘Link Account’ button, you will be prompted to choose which type of account you want to link. In this case, we will select Mailchimp.

Epilocal link new account

5.) You will then be prompted to log into your Mailchimp account in order to link it.

Mailchimp link account

6.) After following the prompts, you will see that your linked Mailchimp account will now show up on your list of linked accounts.

Mailchimp account linked

7.) When your account is linked, it will automatically create a Data View that you can see by going to ‘Filter and Group’ > ‘Data Views’. We don’t have to do anything here - everything was set up for us automatically.

Mailchimp view added

8.) This data view was also automatically added to your Data Studio Connector. You can see this by going to ‘Use Data’ > ‘Connectors’ and clicking ‘Manage Connector’.

Mailchimp manage connector

9.) You will now see that your data view is available in your connector. Once you have multiple Data Views, you can choose to add or remove them from your connector on this screen.

Mailchimp view added

10.) While we are on the Manage Connector screen, let’s look at our users. You can give anyone access to the connector by simply adding their Google Data Studio email address here. By default, the email you signed up with will be added as your first user.

IMPORTANT: If the email address you created your account with is not the email address you use for Google Data Studio, you need to change it here.

Epilocal add connector account

11.) You are now ready to use your Mailchimp data in Google Data Studio. To use the connector, you can either click on the Mailchimp Connector icon on the Connectors screen in the Epilocal dashboard or you access it directly here. It is also available in the Data Studio Connector Gallery.

Using your Mailchimp data in Google Data Studio

1.) Authorize the connector to access your Google account. If you have multiple Google accounts, be sure to select the Google account that you use with Data Studio.

Google Data Studio authorization

2.) Select the data type you want to work with: Campaigns, Automations, List Growth, Members, Link Clicks or Campaign Timeseries. You can see a full list of the available data fields for each view here.

Google Data Studio config

3.) Once you’ve selected a data type, you will then see a drop-down list where you can select your newly added data view.

Google Data Studio select view

4.) Now you’re all set! Just follow the remaining prompts and you will be able to access your Mailchimp data in Google Data Studio.