Simple automations for Ghost with no limits and no learning curve

Just flip a switch to turn on automations that will save you time and earn you more money

Automation Hub for Ghost

See what you can do in less than 5 minutes of setup

Send welcome emails

Add new subscribers to your email platform so you can trigger welcome emails

Send welcome emails

Keep third-party email platforms in sync

Clean members from Ghost when they unsubscribe in your email platform and vice versa

Keep platforms in sync

Offer free-trials with no headache

Start a no credit card required free-trial that automatically removes Ghost access after the free-trial period you specify is over

Free trials

Tag users by engagement

Connect Google Analytics to tag users with High, Medium or Low engagement based on their activity on your site

Member Engagement from Google Analytics

Use PayPal as a payment provider

Sync Ghost memberships with PayPal as a full-fledged alternative to Stripe or accept donations with PayPal and tag Ghost members as donors

Accept Paypal donations

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