Themes, integrations and tutorials for Ghost

We believe that Ghost is a foundational technology for small online publishers. Get the most out of it with our learning resources, themes and apps with direct integrations to Ghost.

Integrations and Automations for Ghost

Our suite of apps for Ghost are purpose-built for the platform and directly integrate with Ghost with minimal setup. This means you don't need to be a 'no-code expert' to use them. Just a bit of quick configuration and you are good to go. Our apps include a Google Docs Add-on for drafting posts in Google Docs and sending them directly to Ghost and our Ghost Automation Hub, that gives you a series of simple, automation recipes that you can turn on with the flip of a switch. (without any complicated automation services like Zapier)

Ghost Automation Hub

Scaling a publication in Ghost can soon lead to operational headaches and questions like: 'How do I keep my members in sync with an external email platform like Mailchimp?' or 'How can I accept one-time payments from PayPal and update my members in Ghost?'. We built our Ghost Automation Hub as a simpler alternative to Zapier - we've already built the automations, so you don't have to. Just flip the switch to save time and scale your operations.

Sync Email Lists

Automatically sync your Ghost memberships with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Mailerlite.

Send Welcome and Promotional Emails

Keep promotional emails out of your Ghost CMS and in your email marketing platform where they belong. Take advantage of Mailchimp and Mailerlite automations to send automated emails when your members join (or leave) in Ghost.

Label Members Based on Engagement

Automatically label your Ghost members based on their engagement in Google Analytics. Or even based on their interests according to the tags of your Ghost content.

Google Docs to Ghost Integration

We built the first native integration between Google Docs and Ghost. With our Google Docs Add-on, you can upload your posts directly into Ghost, without any complicated automation services like Zapier. The advantage of a native integration is that you have access to features that don't work with other automation tools - like selecting Authors, Tags and other metadata, as well as automatically uploading and captioning images.

Handles Images

Uploads all images in your document automatically, with option to add Alt tags and captions

Add Tags, Authors and Other Metadata

Set all meta data from directly in Google Docs. The add-on syncs with your Ghost instance so you will have access to all of your existing tags and authors.

Coming Soon: Team Features

Give limited access to contributors so they can submit drafts without needing direct access to your Ghost system.

Themes for Ghost

We have built our free and open-source theme for Ghost called Newsliner that aims to be a modern, minimal, newsletter-first theme. The Newsliner theme takes full advantage of Ghost's membership features and has a responsive, mobile-friendly design. Coming soon, we will also be developing premium themes and templates that will build on Ghost's newest features along with premium support. We also do custom theme work on request for a limited number of clients.

Newsliner Theme for Ghost

We built a free and open-source Ghost theme that is built specifically for newsletter sign-ups. It's called Newsliner and it is a fully responsive theme with a prominent newsletter subscription call-to-action right in the main hero image. There are also newsletter sign up forms in every blog post. With our theme and all the default membership features of Ghost, you can make newsletters the center of your website or blog.

Newsletter First

Email sign-ups are front and center in the theme

Fully Responsive

Theme has a mobile-friendly design that is fully responsive

Clean and Modern Design

Modern design that makes this theme perfect for a minimal magazine, news website, or personal blogging

Tutorials and Other Ghost Resources

Explore all of the blog posts that we have written about Ghost. Here you will find lots of tutorials and step-by-step guides for technical and non-technical users alike. Some of the topics covered are: SEO, setting up newsletters, and welcome emails.

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