Free Charts for Wordpress

How to create free charts for Wordpress with no plugin

How to Create Free Charts for Wordpress (without plugins)

Create your chart for Wordpress

Build your Wordpress chart using our Free Chart Maker tool. Currently, you can choose from Bar chart, Line graph and Pie chart. First you will input your data in CSV format and then customize your chart by changing colors, axis details, gridlines, title and more.

Wordpress Chart Features

With our free chart maker, you can add beautiful charts directly into the code of your Wordpress posts and pages without needing an external plugin. Simply design your chart using our free online tool, copy the code embed and paste it into your Wordpress content.

  • No Wordpress plugin required
  • 100% free to use
  • No registration or login required
  • Choose from line charts, bar graphs or pie charts
  • Input CSV data
  • Wide range of colors and other customization options

About our Free Chart Maker

You can make stunning graphs and charts that you can use on your website or share on social media using our free online chart maker. We developed an online graph generator that we intended to use, so there is no registration required, no need to navigate difficult templates, and no steep learning curve for designing. Simply put, it’s a simple way to make and distribute charts online.

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Free Chart Maker Bar Chart for Wordpress