Everything you need to launch a sustainable news site - for free

NewsCloud includes web hosting, analytics, newsletters and membership software all configured and set up out of the box

NewsCloud by Epilocal

We take the complication out of open-source software and give you all the benefits

Built with open-source software so no risk of getting locked-in to a platform

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All of your data belongs to you and can be exported at any time

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We just provide the most efficient architecture and pass the savings on to you

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How it works

We set up your site and deploy it to the cloud based on your specifications

We will send you a short form to fill out and based on that we will set up and deploy your site for you.

NewsCloud onboarding form

Use one of our domain names or bring your own

If you don't have your own domain name yet, we will give you a domain name of your choosing that ends in loc.news. (for example: mysite.loc.news) Or you can bring your own domain as part of our premium plan.

NewsCloud domain

Manage your publishing and memberships with the beautiful Ghost CMS environment

Ghost is a simple and intuitive CMS platform that makes writing a pleasure and has membership management built-in. We will set-up and deploy your own Ghost instance to the cloud. If you ever want to leave NewsCloud, you can simply export your data from Ghost and import it into your new CMS.

NewsCloud Ghost CMS editor

Collect newsletter sign ups and engage your subscribers

In our free plan, you can use the built-in newsletter capabilities in Ghost that allow you to send basic newsletters to your subscribers. Or in our premium plan we provide a full integration to Mailchimp so you can use custom templates, automations and other powerful Mailchimp features.

NewsCloud email signups

Understand your readers with our pre-configured analytics

We fully set-up all NewsCloud instances with Google Analytics, taking advantage of custom dimensions, segments and goals so you can better understand what content engages your readers. Using our Publisher's Dashboard you will understand your site's performance in just a glance. Our premium plan includes our data-connector to bring Mailchimp reporting together with your Google Analytics.

NewsCloud publisher's dashboard

Your choice of themes


NewsCloud Newsliner theme

Basic Times

NewsCloud Basic Times theme


NewsCloud Custom theme

Compare Free and Premium Plans



No credit card required

  • Web hosting with weekly back-ups
  • Domain ending in loc.news
  • Fully configured analytics
  • Emails for Newsletters up to 1k subscribers
  • Paid Memberships (with Stripe)
  • Choice of 2 themes with customizable fonts and colors
  • Ticket support



Per month

  • Custom domain
  • Ability to fully customize theme
  • Google Docs integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Mailchimp connector for Data Studio
  • Email support