Ultimate Mailchimp + Google Analytics Template for Data Studio

Get more insights from your Google Analytics and Mailchimp data with our ready-made Google Data Studio dashboard template + 1 hour consultation

Ultimate Mailchimp + Google Analytics Template for Data Studio

Are you too busy to learn how to build your own Data Studio reports?

Or maybe you gave it a try but things didn’t come together quite the way you’d hoped?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our ready-made Data Studio template that pulls together Mailchimp and Google Analytics into one easy to understand dashboard. And not only that, your purchase comes with 1 hour of consultation time included - so you can be sure that we will troubleshoot any problems or help you with customizations.

The Ultimate Mailchimp + Google Analytics Template for Data Studio helps you answer questions like:

  • Which subject lines get my reader’s attention?
  • What days of the week are the best to reach my subscribers?
  • How much traffic from my website comes from my newsletter subscribers?

The template has 4 pages:

1. Mailchimp List Growth

Mailchimp dashboard list growth

In this one view you can see how your Mailchimp lists grow month over month in a quick summary chart as well as in a more detailed pivot table. Also, includes Google Analytics data that tells you which content is driving your email sign ups.

2. Mailchimp Campaigns Summary

Mailchimp dashboard campaigns

On the next page you get one overall view that pulls the stats together from all of your campaigns. You can see a detailed tables split by campaign or get a quick sense of how your email campaigns are doing from the intuitive funnel and bar charts.

Also, includes a table that displays a comparison of Automations by all-time open and click performance.

3. Mailchimp Campaign Insights

Mailchimp dashboard campaign insights

On this page, you can drill down into your campaigns in detail to get actionable insights like what days of the week get the most opens and what type of subject lines get the best response.

These insights are just scratching the surface of what you can do with Mailchimp data inside - we’re happy to work with you as part of your free consultation to customize further views.

4. Traffic from Mailchimp

Mailchimp dashboard traffic

On the last page you can see how your Mailchimp email campaigns are driving traffic to your website. See how the traffic breaks down according to individual campaigns or filter based on a single campaign to zoom in on its performance.

How to get started

  1. Once you have completed your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to the template in Data Studio
  2. Make a copy of the template
  3. Follow the first two sections of this getting started guide to connect your data sources
  4. Within 2 business days we will reach out to you to schedule a consultation (this can be done over the phone or via email if you prefer)
  5. If you have any issues with the set-up, we will take care of this as part of your consulting time. With any remaining time, we are happy to help you with customizations.

Note: this template requires our Mailchimp Data Studio Connector to function, which is not included in the price. It is $7.50 per month and we offer a 14-day free trial.

Data Studio Template + Consultation