Mailchimp Data Studio Connector

The most simple and affordable way to get your Mailchimp data into Google Data Studio

Note: You will be redirected to Gumroad to finish payment and receive your license key

Get all of your analytics data in one place

Newsletters are the foundation of online communities and Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing services for managing newsletters - but checking your analytics reports back and forth between the Mailchimp platform and Google Analytics is a drain on time that you don’t have. And worse yet, you might be missing key insights by not seeing all of your analytics data in the same place.

Our Data Studio connector for Mailchimp is the most simple and affordable way to automatically get your campaign and list data from Mailchimp into Google Data Studio. From there, you can easily combine your Mailchimp and Google Analytics data together into the same dashboard, and even blend data together to create your own custom metrics.

We built our Google Data Studio connector with entrepreneurs in mind

All of the other Google Data Studio connectors we’ve seen for Mailchimp are built for big companies, where Mailchimp is just one of dozens or hundreds of data sources they are looking to combine.

But we built our data connector to be different - we didn’t want to combine lots of different data sources together. We just wanted to create the simplest way to get your Mailchimp data into Google Data Studio. Period.

And because of that, it couldn’t be more simple to use: select our connector as a new data source in Google Data Studio, enter your license key, log-in to your Mailchimp account and you are good to go.

You don’t have to worry about logging into another third-party platform and the security issues that come with it - we just connect your Google Data Studio Report to the Mailchimp API. Your data never touches our servers.

Maybe the best part of all: our connector is less than half the price of other Mailchimp Data Studio connectors on the market.

How it works

1.) Add the Mailchimp by Epilocal connector as a new data source for your Google Data Studio account

Screenshot Creating New Data Source

2.) Get your license key

When you buy a subscription on this page, you will receive an email from Gumroad that has your license key inside of it. Enter this when prompted - without a valid license key, you cannot complete the set-up process.

Screenshot Entering License Key

3.) Connect your Mailchimp account by logging in

Screenshot Connecting Mailchimp Account

4.) Start building reports based on our free template

Screenshot Creating Report

What you get

With the Mailchimp Data Studio Connector by Epilocal you will get:

  • 50+ of the most popular list and campaign data fields for Mailchimp
  • Flexibility - if there are other fields you want from the Mailchimp API, let us know and we will get it for you
  • Free report template for Google Data Studio to get you started right away
  • A light-weight data connector that doesn’t require a separate account
  • Peace of mind over your data security - your data goes directly from Mailchimp to Google Data Studio, no intermediaries
  • Trust knowing that our connector has been reviewed and approved by Google to appear in their Data Studio Connector Gallery

Monthly Subscription

Note: You will be redirected to Gumroad to finish payment and receive your license key

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