Get the answers you want from your Mailchimp data

With a single view of all of your Mailchimp campaigns, automations and lists, you can discover insights that help you better engage your subscribers. Our connector helps you get those answers at a price small businesses can actually afford.

Mailchimp Data Studio Connector

Secure - your data doesn't touch third-party servers

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Reviewed and approved by Google

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Up to 80% cheaper than other connectors

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Get insights from your Mailchimp data that help you make better decisions

What type of subject lines get the most opens?

See a heatmap of all campaigns together to see which subject lines resonate most with your audience.

Mailchimp opens by subject line

Which day of the week has the highest open rate?

Group all of your campaigns together by day of the week to see which days are the best to reach your subscribers.

Mailchimp open rate by day of the week

Which list gets the most clicks?

Aggregate all of your campaign data by list to see which of your lists get the most interaction from your readers.

Mailchimp clicks by list

How are my lists growing over time?

Compare monthly subscriber growth for all of your lists in a single glance.

Mailchimp list growth

How It Works

Add the Mailchimp by Epilocal connector as a new data source in Data Studio

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Log-in directly to your Mailchimp account from Data Studio

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Start using 70+ data fields from Mailchimp in your reports

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Billed Annually
Billed Monthly


$6 / month

Get 70+ of the most popular List, Campaign and Automation data fields from Mailchimp into Data Studio


$25 / month

Add up to 5 additional users and get access to additional fields for Members, Link Clicks and Timeseries data

Prices not inclusive of any applicable VAT or Sales Tax. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund for all plans.


With the Mailchimp Data Studio Connector by Epilocal you will get:

  • 70+ of the most popular list, campaign and automation data fields for Mailchimp (see all data fields here)
  • Flexibility - if there are other fields you want from the Mailchimp API, let us know and we will get it for you
  • Free report template for Google Data Studio to get you started right away
  • Peace of mind over your data security - your data goes directly from Mailchimp to Google Data Studio, no intermediaries
  • Trust knowing that our connector has been reviewed and approved by Google to appear in their Data Studio Connector Gallery

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