Free Mailchimp Newsletter Template

A free email newsletter template created specifically for news sites and other small publishers. Compatible with Mailchimp.

Local News Email Newsletter Template

This is the only template we’ve ever seen designed with news sites and other small publishers in mind

We’ve looked at all the different options out there for email templates and it can quickly get overwhelming. And figuring out which templates will work well for a news site can quickly eat up time that you don’t have…

Sifting through endless amounts of email templates built for eCommerce websites, with lots of pictures of products and special deals. Trying to figure out which parts you can use and adapt to your news site without wasting more time.

What you really want is something that is clean and understated that lets your content do the talking. With a manageable number of simple components that are made for sharing news stories, ready to drop into Mailchimp and get sending right away.

We get it because we’ve been through the same thing…

That’s why we created our own email template - the first and only email template we’ve ever seen specifically designed for news sites. It has a clean, easily readable layout that keeps the focus on the important stuff - your content and the news you are sharing with your readers.

Epilocal Free Mailchimp Template

Our template is built with blocks that have your content in mind:

  • Story Roundup - built for sharing several curated stories at once
  • Big Story Summary - a component for writing a long story summary or full-length article inside your newsletter
  • Editor’s Note - opening and closing blocks to give your newsletter a personal voice
  • Featured Image - a big full-length image with a caption underneath to give an interesting break in the content
  • Events List - a simple list of events with links for more information

Email Blueprint Template Screenshot

The template is fully responsive and works on mobile, desktop and tablet. It also has deals with the little quirks that cause some other templates to have issues with Gmail. It’s fully compatible with Mailchimp - just upload it into the Mailchimp template editor and you are good to go.

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