The only direct integration for Google Docs and Ghost

No complicated automation platforms required. We move your posts directly from Google Docs to Ghost with no need to create an account with a third-party

Google Docs to Ghost

Includes all Ghost meta data fields

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Secure - your data doesn't touch third-party servers

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Costs the same as a coffee per month

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Manage your editing and review process directly in Google Docs

Track changes from contributors and keep your revision history in Google Docs. Then publish your posts directly to Ghost when ready.

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Limit access to your Ghost back-end

Let contributors submit drafts directly from Google Docs without the need for them to ever access your Ghost Admin back-end.

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Full control over meta data fields

Unlike other integrations, ours allows you to update all post meta data directly in Google Docs.

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How it works

Create a new integration in Ghost and note the API Key and URL

Get API Key from Ghost

Enter your Ghost API Key, URL and Epilocal License Key in Google Docs

Enter Ghost API Key in Google Docs

Start creating and updating Ghost posts directly from Google Docs

Update Ghost posts in Google Docs

Compare Plans

Billed Annually
Billed Monthly



Create posts in Ghost directly from Google Docs


$2.50 / month

Create posts, update posts, plus more premium features to come

If for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund for both Monthly and Annual plans

How to Install

  • In your Ghost Admin panel, create a new integration and note the Admin API key and API Url
  • Install the Docs to Ghost Add-on in Google Docs
  • In Google Docs, go to Add-ons > Docs to Ghost > Settings
  • Enter your Ghost Admin API and API Url
  • If you have purchased a premium plan, enter your Epilocal license key

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Start publishing your Ghost posts from Google Docs in minutes

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