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The Email Blueprint

We've reviewed a lot of small publishers' websites and the most common thing we see that could use improvement is their approach to newsletters. As a result, we developed our Email Blueprint package to guide you step-by-step through building an effective newsletter strategy.

Not only that, but we give you premium email templates that are fully compatible with Mailchimp along with boiler plate email content. This package was originally developed for local news sites but is very relevant for all small and independent publishers.

Free Tools

Trello Board for Newsletter Content

We are big fans of Trello for managing our internal planning, so we developed a free Trello board to help you keep on top of your newsletter publishing schedule. It works great with teams of all sizes and makes the most out of Trello's free features.

Free Mailchimp Newsletter Template

Check out our free Mailchimp template built specifically for newsletters. It's a scaled-down version of the premium template we offer in the Email Blueprint.

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