Templates, integrations and guides for Mailchimp

As one of the oldest and most reliable email platforms, Mailchimp is a go-to for lots of small publishers and businesses. We've built a suite of templates, integrations and guides to help you make the most of it.

Mailchimp Integration for Google Data Studio

Bring your Mailchimp data into Google Data Studio with our integration. Our connector turns Data Studio into an analytics hub for your small business, where you can bring your Mailchimp data together with all of your other platforms, so you can make better decisions. With our Mailchimp integration, you can bring together data from multiple lists or even multiple Mailchimp accounts. We also created a custom Data Studio template that is specifically made for our integration and will help you get insights from your Mailchimp data.

Mailchimp Data Studio Connector

Combine your Mailchimp data without any coding or upkeep thanks to our specially designed Mailchimp connector for Google Data Studio. With our integration, all of Data Studio's visualization tools are at your disposal for building custom Mailchimp reports that will give you crucial insights about your readers.

Essential Mailchimp Data

Basic plan for the integration includes Campaign, List Growth and Automation data. Upgrade to the Pro plan to get: Link Click, Member, and Campaign Timeseries data.

Supports Multiple Mailchimp Accounts

Easily link and aggregate data from multiple agency accounts or even separate Mailchimp accounts

Ultimate Mailchimp Report Template for Data Studio

With our Mailchimp + Google Analytics template for Google Data Studio, you can get insights with a glance like: 'Which subject lines get my reader's to open my email?', 'What time of the week should I send my emails?' and 'How much traffic comes from my Mailchimp newsletters?' Our report template pulls together Mailchimp and Google Analytics into one easy to understand Google Data Studio dashboard.

Mailchimp Audience Growth

See audience growth over time

Mailchimp Campaign Performance

Compare Mailchimp campaign performance by date sent, subject line and more

Email Newsletter Traffic

See the details of Google Analytics traffic coming from your Mailchimp email newsletters

Mailchimp Templates

One of the great things about Mailchimp is the ability to upload your own templates, giving you the opportunity to fully customize your email campaigns. We built our own Mailchimp template specifically made for businesses and publishers sharing news and events.

Email Blueprint Package

As part of our Email Blueprint package, you get a full suite of premium email templates that are fully compatible with Mailchimp along with boiler plate email content. This package was originally developed for local news sites but is very relevant for all small and independent publishers.

Mailchimp Template

Premium Mailchimp template for newsletters focused on sharing news and events

Newsletter Strategy Guide and Workbook

Includes free newsletter strategy guide along with workbook of exercises for developing your own newsletter strategy

How-to Guides and Other Mailchimp Resources

Explore all of the blog posts that we have written about Mailchimp. Here you will find step-by-step guides and tutorials that show you how to get the most out of Mailchimp and our integrations as well as other articles that show you how you can use Mailchimp in your newsletter strategy.

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