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Mailchimp Data Studio Connector

We understand that Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms out there for small publishers and that Google Analytics is far and away the most popular analytics tool - but how can you get all of your analytics data in the same place?

We created our custom Mailchimp connector for Google Data Studio so you can combine your data with no coding or maintenance. On top of that, you can use Data Studio's powerful visualization features to create custom reports that keep you on top of the most important insights about your readers

Mailchimp Data Studio Connector

The Publisher's Dashboard

When it comes to data analytics, we know that many small publishers rely on Google Analytics, but often find it difficult to sift through all of the noise and find insights that are actually valuable to their business.

That's why we created The Publisher's Dashboard. It's a Google Data Studio report template specifically designed for small publishers with limited time, who need a ready source of data that speaks for itself. Quickly get insights like view trends, popular times of day, best-performing content for getting new readers and engaging returning readers, email campaign performance, and more. Oh and the best part, it's free.

Publisher's Dashboard Screenshot

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